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Gérard Faivre - Bedroom with concrete wall cladding
Gérard Faivre - Bedroom with Panbeton®
Gérard Faivre - Kitchen with a Beton Lege® worktop
Gérard Faivre - Concrete kitchen worktop
Gérard Faivre - Bedroom area
Gérard Faivre - Bathroom area
Gérard Faivre - Bed with Panbeton® wall dressing
Gérard Faivre - Close-up of a kitchen worktop
Gérard Faivre - Concrete countertop with a crocodile leather texture
Gérard Faivre - Bathroom wash basin

Georges V

Textured concrete and side-tables

The concrete side-tables and kitchen work-top are decorated with an alligator-skin texture together with the BOFFI elements. 

The dressing-room and a back door are entirely panelled in Panbeton® a contrast between the raw material and the quilted leather pattern. 


Side-tables / Panels in DUCTAL® 

concrete Work-top / Beton Lege® 

Dressing-room / Panbeton®


Kitchen and work-tops / 500 - alligator skin 

Dressing-room / 402 - Quilted leather - Light pitting

Photo credits:

Pascal Pronnier/Serge Labrunie /Véronique Chanteau