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Hotel / restaurant

Woods Quay London

Panbeton® bar & fireplace cladding | Concrete LCDA

Woods Quay is an exceptional site moored on the River Thames in London - an ideal place to relax, dine or simply enjoy a stroll.

The quay is elegantly clad in matte brass, concrete, granite, steel, canvas and oak. These materials blend perfectly with the deep green tones. 

Our Panbeton® panels clad the reception area’s bar (East Wing), bar-side counter (West Wing) and fireplaces proudly sitting centre stage on the Cormorant Deck looking out on Northbank. The use of concrete cladding subtly echoes the grey granite of the river bank - a beautiful material to make the most of this stunning panoramic view of London.


Panbeton® Yun, Shui & Classic  

Oberfläche/Farbton :

Panbeton® Yun 209 schwarz, roh - mittel 

Panbeton® Shui 200 - naturgrau, roh - mittel 

Panbeton® Classic 209 schwarz, roh - mittel




Dan Glasser