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Fitting out

Since it was set up, Concrete LCDA has relied on the fact that concrete could play a role in creating contemporary atmospheres for fitting out commercial areas. Our exclusive Beton Lege® technology, combined with our perfect mastery of solutions specific to retail design, today make us the reference in this field. Concrete is a mineral material, very contemporary, which fully participates in creating a high-quality atmosphere.

IKKS - Bespoke concrete wall dressing and unit
DONUM - Lightweight concrete wall dressing and ceiling
MOBA - Concrete bartop
OKKO Hotels - Foyer with Panbeton® wall dressing

Our long-term partnership with IKKS enabled us to understand what brand-name companies expect in terms of customisation, effectiveness and the adaptability of our technologies. In this way, we developed a range of wall solutions such as Panbeton® which very rapidly enabled a contemporary environment to be created in a sales area.

Our collaboration with many agencies in the commercial architecture sector allowed us to acquire recognised know-how in the production of made-to-measure elements: reception desk, counters, display windows, bars, etc. Each project is different and our design studio proposes a customised solution appropriate to the project’s requirements.

We analysed the requirements for this type of project: reactivity, flexibility, effectiveness. In this way, we have a dedicated team entrusted with rapidly responding to requests for specific samples, a prototype, a 3D view, etc.


For several years we have made our name as the specialist in fibre-reinforced concrete kitchen work-tops. Our Beton Lege® technology allows us to produce large-scale tops while integrating cut-outs and other options. Concrete is a mineral material which has its place in many kitchen styles: modern, traditional, outdoor… Contrary to waxed concrete or plaster, fibre-reinforced concrete is suitable for the kitchen environment (humidity, heat, etc.) while a certain vigilance is necessary in the same way as all mineral materials. Our work-tops are factory-produced under the best drying conditions, nothing is made on the spot so that you are guaranteed an optimum quality.

the concrete
Fossati - Kitchen area with a concrete worktop
Hyde Park - Hyde Park kitchen sideboard
Weltje-Road Kitchen - Beton Lege® kitchen
Concrete Flat - Concrete wall cladding
Rosny - Concrete worktop

N.B.: The manufacture of work-tops requires great accuracy particularly where the measurements are concerned. Before anything is made, our design studio will send you an approval plan so that, together, we can check the accuracy of the project’s dimensions. A professional (architect, cabinet-maker, kitchen specialist, etc.) should send us the measurements and take responsibility for installing the work-tops. This operation is quite simple since all our work-tops are factory-produced and are delivered ready for installation. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have on this subject.
Thickness: Our work-tops are of a standard thickness of 50 mm. A made-to-measure thickness of 40 to 150 mm may be had, contact us for information.
Concrete sink: We feel that concrete is not suitable for sinks. We would prefer to use the more flexible stainless steel for sinks.

Other options: Our mastery of concrete moulding enables us to propose a wide range of customisation options. Cut-outs for plugs, gastronome pans, hobs and others may be provided. Posts may also be produced to hide the side of the kitchen elements.
Appearance: Two types of texture are available: smooth mineral or vitrified authentic raw. For each project, together with our clients and our partners, we determine the technical feasibility and a choice of finishings and shades. Our design studio prepares the technical approval plans and the visuals in 3D.


All our creations for the bathroom are made to measure. Concrete is a material which is particularly suitable for designer bathroom fittings as we have a unique method for making the material non-porous. Our concrete basins may also be placed on an item of furniture or be attached directly to the wall.
Our very high-quality finishing makes the concrete very smooth and silky. Our concrete basins give a mineral element to your bathroom. Thanks to our exclusive sealing, our concrete is resistant to humidity and heat contrary to furniture in plastered concrete or waxed concrete which may crack.

Popincourt - Bathroom sink made of Beton Lege®
Berthelotby - Bathroom design
Flandrin - Textured shower walls
Balham - Bathroom sink

Our concrete basins may also be used in public installations such as hotels, restaurants, etc. We have very few limits in terms of dimensions and shapes. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For each project, together with our clients and our partners, we determine the technical feasibility and a choice of finishings and shades. Our design studio prepares the technical approval plans and the visuals in 3D.

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