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CDW 2016 - concrete wall cladding
CDW 2016 -  Panbeton Collection 2016
CDW 2016 - concrete wall cladding
CDW 2016 - close-up of concrete
CDW 2016 - concrete cladding of a wooden counter
CDW 2016 - Custumised concrete stand
CDW 2016 - concrete wall cladding

CDW 2016

Stand of Concrete LCDA during Clerkenwell Design Week

Stand designed for Clerkenwell Design Week, 2016 edition. Installation carried out by Concrete LCDA with Robert Timmons Furniture for furniture and design. 


Panbeton® Chevrons 

Panbeton® Timber 

Panbeton® Chevrons 

Panbeton® Slats 

Panbeton® Giometry 

Slimbeton® Classic

Slimbeton® Scaffolded 2mm 

Fronts of doors made of naturally aged wood 


209, 200 Medium pitting, 200B sealed ‘authentic raw’

Photo credits:

Rowland Roques-o'neil