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DONUM - Lightweight concrete wall dressing and ceiling
DONUM - Ductal mass concrete steps
DONUM - Showroom with lightweight concrete wall and ceiling dressing
DONUM - Vitrified raw concrete furniture
DONUM - Showroom with heavy pitted concrete ceiling
DONUM - Vitrified raw concrete display units
DONUM - Panbeton heavy pitted wall dressing
DONUM - Distressed raw concrete ceiling
DONUM - Concrete stairway and ceiling
DONUM - Raw concrete display units
Retail / Shop


Concrete panels, floor and ceiling for Donum in Belgium

The designers decided to keep the building's authenticity by covering the whole area with wall panels in Panbeton® lightened concrete. 

Counters and made-to-measure furniture in Beton Lege®. Staircases in Ductal® concrete.


Walls : Made-to-measure Panbeton®  

Ceiling : Made-to-measure Panbeton®  

Presentation furniture : Beton Lege®  

Stairs : Ductal® concrete  


Walls : 200 - Heavy pitting - Aged appearance 

Ceiling : 200 - Heavy pitting - Aged appearance 

Presentation furniture : 209 - Vitrified authentic raw

Stairs : 529 - Smooth mineral  



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