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Globe Groupe - Scaffolded Panbeton®
Globe Groupe - Concrete wall dressing
Globe Groupe - Close-up of the Panbeton® motif
Globe Groupe - Panbeton® wooden framework wall dressing

Globe Diffusion

Panbeton® concrete cladding for Globe Diffusion

Two finishings in Panbeton® for two different atmospheres: cast Panbeton® in natural colours for the entrance hall, the Panbeton® vertical wooden formwork in medium grey for the management office. The lightness of the Panbeton® made it possible to install panelling in the hall at three heights. As it is easy to cut, it could fit the wall contours closely.


Panbeton® Scaffolded 2 mm

Panbeton® Vertical wood  


 200 & 217 - Light pitting