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Particules 14 - L'Âge du Faire exhibition
Particules 14 - Beton Lege® wall dressing
Particules 14 - Panbeton® wall dressing with printing
Particules 14 - Beton Lege® and steel table
Particules 14 - White concrete seats
Particules 14 - White patterned concrete seats


Particule 14, collaboration to promote French design

In July 2012, we started to collaborate with the association Particules 14 which is promoting French design through a series of exhibitions and summer universities.

Initiated by Laurent Denize d’Estrées, founder of the LHLC press group (14 September agency, MLA, 14 September Online and 14 September Grand Sud), Particule14 is a cultural and educational association whose aim is to create awareness among professionals and amateurs of design practices in all its forms (graphic, fashion, industrial, object, space, culinary, sound, olfactory, plant). By implementing a variety of initiatives, the association intends to promote practices, know-how, projects and innovations to encourage knowledge to be passed on that derives from natural persons or corporate entities in the exercise of their activities.


Ich&Kar, François Azambourg, François-Xavier Balléry, Germain Bourré, Mathilde Bretillot, Marc Bretillot, Eloi Chafaï, Jean-François Dingjian, Marie-Christine Dorner, Cédric Martineaud and Patrick Nadeau.