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Terence Woodgate - Terence Woodgate portrait
Terence Woodgate - Panbeton® OSB
Terence Woodgate - Panbeton® OSB
Terence Woodgate - Panbeton® OSB
Terence Woodgate - Panbeton® Barbican
Terence Woodgate - Panbeton® Barbican
Terence Woodgate - Panbeton® Barbican

Panbeton® 2016 Terence Woodgate

Panbeton® Barbican & OSB


"I wanted to use concrete in a way that expresses its tradition. As a teenager I remember seeing men with pneumatic hammers creating the terrific texture on the cast concrete of the Barbican Towers. My son James is a sculpture and was working on granite using identical tools to create a picked texture that reminded me of the Barbican concrete. This led me to looking at casting the texture directly for the panels. There is a wonderful contrast in this coarse texture, it is hard and brutal concrete and yet the way light bounces off suggests a softness. "



"I love to see the witness of the base material concrete is cast from. I saw some cast concrete foundations where the shuttering used was OSB - Oriented Strand Board, also known as sterling board. It was used because they did not care about the finish, but I thought the result was beautiful. The concrete emphasized the flakes of wood reminding me of the fossils of fern leaves. As the wet concrete is cast it wets the surface of the board and the wood expands slightly to give a unique texture. From something so humble you get this rich fascinating texture. "


Panbeton® Barbican

Panbeton® OSB

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