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Panbeton® 2019 by Rodolphe Parente

2019-2020 Collection

The Panbeton® collection developed by Rodolphe Parente pays tribute to the work of great modernist architects with a passion for concrete, the likes of François le Coeur, Robert Mallet-Stevens and Auguste Perret.

"Whipped, Combed and Fingerprint magnify the motions and the craftsmanship through expressive, narrative writing. The textures I sculpted are evocative of finishes in motion, in an irregular, raw and tangible style.

Those 'coarse materials', typically employed on exteriors, have now slipped into the world of interior architecture with singular poetics, endowing the ambiance with a living, pictorial dimension." - RODOLPHE PARENTE

Rodolphe Parente also developed a range of equivocal colours, playing with the effects of the perception of light reflected off concrete panels


Panbeton® Whipped, Panbeton® Fingerprint et Panbeton® Combed

Rodolphe Parente
Photos Credits

Artistic direction : Mathilde Gullaud

Photo : Léonard Oliviero

Post prod: Arthur Redler / Léonard Oliviero

Light : Margaux Corda