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Concrete wall panel
Panbeton wall panels

Panbeton® MICA by Sebastian Herkner

2019-2020 Collection

"For Mica, we wanted to play with the single surface of the concrete, emphasizing its qualities by contrast to other materials. We sought out the perfect combination of a material to elevate it: inlaying fragments of stone, polished glass, mirror shards and more to find the perfect balance between matte and glossy, coarse and precious. For example, the random inlaying of delicate sparkling petals reveals unique panels with singular reflections of light which subtly show off the new material." - SEBASTIAN HERKNER


Panbeton® Mica

Sebastian Herkner
Photos credits

Artistic direction : Mathilde Gullaud

Photo : Léonard Oliviero

Post prod : Arthur Redler / Léonard Oliviero

Light : Margaux Corda

Table Salute Medium - colonne marbre blanc (pale de tigre), plateau en cuivre ( Designer Sebastian Herkner for La Chance)