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VABRET ice cream maker

Brutalist decor for this top ice cream maker | Concrete LCDA

Valent Pierre Architecte, based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, was entrusted with this project for luxury ice cream maker Vabret, based in Aurillac. The firm’s design highlighted the truly complementary nature of concrete’s brutalism and Vabret’s expertise in flavour and indulgence! Step inside to discover the custom-made bar table in Beton Lege® and the Panbeton® Scaffolded 2mm panels cladding the walls, all enhanced by LED lighting to highlight and complete the look. Bon appétit! 


Panbeton® Scaffolded 2mm & Beton Lege® counter  

Finish/colour :

Panbeton® roh - mittel, 200 - naturgrau & Beton Lege® 200 - naturgrau

Architect :

Valent Pierre Architecte   

Photo credits:

Dorian Loubière