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Brotteaux apartment

Apartment in Lyon - Architectural echo | Concrete LCDA

“The owners engaged Eva Myard to fit out and decorate their apartment, having already called on the talents of interior architect Marion Garcia Lecureux. Eva Myard strove to link the styles with the already established volumes and layout, designing highly original living spaces. The colour choices for her sophisticated selection were based on the colour palette injected into the space by Marion Garcia Lecureux. This led Eva Myard to take inspiration from the Seigneurie Gauthier paint RAL and Concrete LCDA: shades of green, brown, grey and yellow introduced through the furniture, lights, materials [...]”

- Source: DOMODECO Magazine 


Panbeton® Classic  

Afwerking/kleur :

200 natuurlijk grijs, Zeer ruw,


Marion Garcia Lecureu & Eva Myard Interior   

Credits foto's:

©Erick Saillet