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Jean-Marie Massaud - Jean-Marie Massaud portrait
Jean-Marie Massaud - Panbeton® Slats
Jean-Marie Massaud - Panbeton® Slats
Jean-Marie Massaud - Panbeton® Slats

Panbeton® 2016 Jean-Marie Massaud

Panbeton® Slats

"Slats is a panel with bas-relief of concrete linked to an architectonic language.

Both abstract and referenced, also intense and vibrational, profound and light, lined and random, Slats allows to articulate interior spaces by offering a counterpoint in a dialogue with structural/ornamental. 

Slats highlights -with relief or a particular resonance- the surface of a wall, the intimacy of an alcove, the depth of a stairwell: with elegance and timelessness. 

Suitable for vertical as well as horizontal use and joined together invisibly: it’s contributing to meet with the excellence of an iconic product."


Panbeton® Slats

Photo credits:


Pierre Monetta