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Concrete Wall cladding - studio LCDA
Concrete design studio LCDA

Panbeton® Rusty by Studio LCDA

2019-2020 Collection

For Rusty, the Studio LCDA drew inspiration from workshop façades which had been altered by nature (wind, rain, sunlight, etc.), traces of the inescapable passage of time. That cladding tells the story of solid, physical architecture, metamorphosed by the years in an echo of the industrial era.

A panel with various interpretations, Panbeton® unveils multiple shades of Aztec brown and black, with coppery touches intermingling with toothing and inlays of sand. We wanted to offer concrete from an urban approach, marked by its rusty, almost oxidized appearance. An authentic, pitted panel with an intense character, charmingly assuming its origins and its impacted material, like visible structural concrete.


Panbeton® Rusty

Studio LCDA

Artistic direction : Mathilde Gullaud

Photo : Léonard Oliviero

Post prod: Arthur Redler / Léonard Oliviero

Light : Margaux Corda